The future looks bright for El Barone 111 9412 and Malin Baryard Johnsson

El Barone 111, born 2012 (Emerald van’t Ruytershof – Libero H) is developing really well together with his rider Malin Baryard Johnsson. From a quite unexperienced stallion, the combination has now competed up to 5* 160-classes together.

After a couple of weeks in Spain in the beginning of 2021, El Barone 111 and Malin started up their international show season in Saint Tropez in the beginning of May. There, they competed successfully in 150 classes and leveled up to a 155 class in Rome a couple of weeks later.
In the beginning of June, the time had come for yet another debute, this time in the 5* competitions in St Gallen, where El Barone did his first 160 class. They excelled this challenge as well and the combination has really got themselves of to a rocket start.

" He has been incredible cooperative and with such a positive attitude towards me and all the challenges we have faced this far, so the development has just been amazing. Our plan is to compete in Valkenswaard in week 27 and Falsterbo. I am really looking forward to our future together" says Malin Baryard Johnsson.

See El Barones och Malins 1.60 GP from St Gallen here.

Photo: Roland Thunholm

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