Lövsta Top 10 Dressage sets horsepower in motion for Pippi of Today

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Lövsta Top 10 Dressage is not only back with a world-class dressage competition. Together with Sweden International Horse Show, Lövsta Stuteri will be raising funds for Pippi of Today, an initiative by Astrid Lindgren AB in collaboration with Save the Children. The initiative aims to support girls on the move towards a better future.

Pippi of Today was launched in conjunction with Pippi Longstocking's 75th birthday three years ago. Today, millions of children are on the move, more than when Astrid Lindgren wrote the book about Pippi Longstocking at the end of World War II. Since its inception, they have reached over 55,000 girls in 19 countries, but the need is still great, and girls are particularly vulnerable. During the Sweden International Horse Show, the organizers turn to top riders, visitors, and sponsors to collectively support even more girls!

The fundraising, taking place during the Sweden International Horse Show, has been initiated by Antonia Ax:son Johnson, owner of Lövsta Stud Farm. With a donation of 50,000 SEK, she hopes to give the campaign a flying start.

"Just like Pippi, with her extraordinary power, courage, and strength, each girl on the move represents a potential to overcome difficulties that we find hard to imagine. Their reality consists of obstacles that may seem overwhelming to overcome. But I also know that within all of us horse people, there is a Pippi, who is not only strong and brave but also kind and caring. Let's together create horsepower that makes it a little easier for these girls to overcome the obstacles they face. Horsepower can reach far beyond the competition arenas, and together we can reach those who need it most."

Here's how you can participate – everyone can join, and no contribution is too small.

You can contribute to the fundraising on-site at Friends Arena, and of course, you can also participate from home.

Right now, you can help with donations starting from 1 SEK here.

Sweden International Horse Show is also contributing 15,000 SEK to the fundraising.

Save the Children on-site

Save the Children will be present at their booth at Friends Arena. Here, everyone contributing to the initiative can compete for great prizes like necklaces from Maria Nilsdotter, learn more about Pippi of Today, and purchase Pippi products where a portion of the money goes towards supporting girls on the move.

"The Equestrian sport is Sweden's second-largest sport among young people and an important community for many, especially young girls. We are so happy to be a part of Sweden International Horse Show 2023 and want to express our sincere thanks to Lövsta Stud Farm and everyone contributing to the fundraising! Your support is invaluable for our work in supporting the thousands of girls who are on the move around the world," says Åsa Regnér, Secretary-General of Save the Children.

The campaign will also be portrayed through the Lövsta Top 10 riders. Keep an eye on social channels and at Friends Arena. The fundraising is already open and will continue until Sunday evening on December 3rd.


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