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Lövsta Stuteri AB


Albert Röber



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Highly interesting lineage, three genuine basic gaits, and a fantastic temperament!

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At the age of three, Valley was awarded 41 points for exterior, with a score of 9 for type, in the Swedish Stallion Performance test. He was evaluated as a well-developed, masculine, stallion with a natural presence.

Valley has a rhythmic, supple, light, relaxed, and ground-covering walk with good energy and natural suppleness. The trot is light, elastic, and active, displaying good energy, stride length, and well-engaged hind legs. The canter is uphill, rhythmic and elastic with good energy and stride length. Valley got approved at the age of four after a very fine and consistent Stallion Performance test. The test riders praised Valley's rideability and the excellent feel he provides.

Valley won the SWB Stallion Trophy in 2022, and Cathrine Laudrup Dufour confirmed the delightful riding feel that Valley offers through his scores of 10 and 9.9 in development potential.



Valley's sire, Vitalis, was the reserve champion at NRW's licensing and achieved the highest dressage index in his stallion test in 2010. He went on to compete in the World Championships for Young Dressage Horses and the Pavo Cup finals before spending a few years in the USA, where he successfully competed in the Small Tour. Vitalis returned to Europe in 2016 and won the Nürnberger Burg-Pokal and Stallion of the Year (Intermediaire I) at the World Championships for Young Dressage Horses.

Valley's dam, Elfenbraut, has produced a stallion that was licensed in Westfalen. Both the grandmother and great-grandmother are state premium mares, with the latter producing offspring competing at Intermediaire I and Medium level dressage.

The grandfather, San Amour I, was the reserve champion at the Oldenburg approval and was sold for a top price at the following auction. He won his stallion performance test with a score of 9.5 for rideability and was placed at the Bundeschampionat in 2009. He has produced around fifty approved sons, including numerous champion and premium stallions. Among his offspring are many state premium mares and successful competition horses.

Valley is awarded premium status in SWB and approved in Westfalen.


  • Valley 1431 Stallion show Flyinge 2022

  • Valley 1431 Swedish Stallion Preformance test 2022

  • Valley 1431 Stallion show 2021

  • Valley 1431 Swedish Stallion Preformance test 2021

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