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Lövsta Stuteri AB


M.C.J.M o F.A.M.M. Burgers

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The 2019 Swedish Warmblood stallion dressage performance test winner!



1100 € up front + vat. Contact us for shipping cost.

In case the mare is not in foal, the stud fee will be refund minus 350€ + vat after reception of a veterinary certificate latest October 1st by email to



Kane has a rhythmical, active and ground covering walk. His trot is energetic, yet easy to control, with self-carriage, elasticity and a big reach. The canter is airy and rhythmical with self-carriage and a good repertoire.

Kane during the Swedish stallion performance test was judged as a harmonious and cooperative horse with athletic ability and power coming from his hind end. He received 9.0 – 9.0 – 9.5 for his gaits. The test riders praised Kane’s rideability with good self-carriage and ability to vary his strides.

Kane won the Swedish Warmblood (SWB) stallion trophy as a 4-year old receiving record points: 9,5 – 10,0 (total 97,5%) from test rider Charlotte Dujardin. The points were the absolute highest awarded at the 4-year old championships during SWB Equestrian Weeks. Charlottes opinion about the stallion was amongst others that he had a fantastic balance, self-carriage and rideability – perfect for the Grand Prix classes!

Kane came second with 8,25 points during his sports performance test in Münster-Hahndorf in February 2020.



The first offspring were born in 2020 and look very promising. One of the highest rated foals in the country and thus the winner in LövstaStar for foals is e. Kane.



The father Dream Boy is a modern stallion with a lot of charisma and a very good model for dressage. Dream Boy is Vivaldi's first approved son in KWPN and modern Resia is an elite mare. Dream Boy, with Hans-Peter Minderhoud in the saddle, was part of the Dutch team at the WC 2018.

Modern Tuscany has been awarded the predicate Stb and Elite in KWPN. She has left an offspring in medium dressage. Grandmother Vanessa has been awarded the predicate Stb, Keur and Prestatie in KWPN. Among her offspring are Glorant who competed in the international Grand Prix with Anky van Grunsven and two offspring who qualified in the Prix St George's and medium difficulty dressage respectively. Vanessa has also left an offspring in 130-jumping.

Grandpa Krack C has his own top merits in Grand Prix dressage with Anky van Grunsven in the saddle. Krack C is known for leaving very mobile offspring and has left countless difficult class horses and approved stallions. In the third stage is the Selle Francais stallion Oracle.

Kane is approved in SWB, Oldenburg, Westphalia and Hannover.


  • Kane 1392 stallion show 2021

  • Stallion show 2020

  • Sporttest Verden 2020

  • Sporttest Münster 2020