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Liberace for U and Linnea Cöster in final at the World Championship for young horses

After today's victory in the small final with an impressive 76.38%, Linnea Cöster and Liberace for U (Dante Weltino OLD-Undeerworl XX) could secure a starting place in the final for the 7-year-old horses during the Young Horse World Championship in Ermelo.

"- We are so proud of Linus ( Liberace for U´s stable name). He gave me a fantastically nice feeling today with such nice rideability throughout the program. Today's ride was a very good experience for him and he was able to relax more than in the opening class. We'll take today's feeling with us to the big final tomorrow, we're really looking forward to it!", says Linnea Cöster.

Today's ride had many highlights and was rewarded not only with resounding applause, but also fine scores and judgments from the judges. Among other things, the panel of judges, presented by judge Katrina Wüst, highlighted Liberace's active hindlegs.

"- We really share the audiences enthusiasm for this horse", judge Katrina Wüst stated.

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