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Lövsta Stuteri acquires BWP stallion Racoon

Lövsta Stuteri has aquried the 5-year-old BWP approved stallion Racoon (Hero-De Niro). The stallion was recently placed 5th at the World Championship for Young Horses in Ermelo together with Dutch rider Franka Loos.

Racoon is bred in the Netherlands by Arjan Bekkers, but BWP registered, his first offspring were born this year. Bekkers was also the owner of racoon up until the sale to Lövsta Stuteri.

The stallion and Franka Loos impressed the judges in Ermelo and finished fifth in the final, scoring a total of 8,82 points (8,5 for walk, 9 for trot, 8.6 for canter and 9 for submission and perspective)

Just arriving in Sweden and Lövsta Stuteri the other day, the team at Lövsta are thrilled to add Racoon to their string of talented youngsters.

“We fell head over heels for Racoon from the first moment. When we saw him at the warmup in Ermelo, he immediately impressed us with his expression, his suppleness and his athletic movements. He really is something very special, we are really looking forward to get to know him better here in his new home”, says Tinne Vilhelmson Silfvén.

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