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Here you can read about how we handle your personal data information. Please contact us at if you have any questions about how we handle your information.

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This policy covers the processing of personal data that takes place in activities conducted by Lövsta Stuteri, which includes Lövsta Stud station.

We protect your individual rights and your personal data and in our privacy policy for the processing of personal data, we describe how we collect, use, store and possibly share personal data.

Lövsta Stuteri is responsible for personal data in the manner described below and we are responsible for ensuring that the processing takes place in accordance with current legislation.

You can always contact Lövsta Stuteri at the address stated at the end of the policy, regardless of where in the organization your information is processed.

The policy is approved by Lövsta Stuteri's top management and CEO 2018-05-01

Why do we process your personal data? Icons/plus Icons/minus

We process your personal data for specific purposes listed below and for any additional purposes stated at the time of collection.

Lövsta Stuteri is responsible for the processing of personal data that takes place at:

  • Management of customers in the company
  • Conduct of the business in accordance with the articles of association and the articles of association
  • Fulfill legal obligations, such as requirements under accounting or employment law.
  • Fulfill our commitments in agreements
  • Publish material on social media and on websites
  • Arrange events such as stallion shows and register contact information of participants at the events.
  • Compile statistics
  • Follow up the business
  • Manage recruitment processes and job applications
  • Management of employees in the company
  • Distribution of newsletters and information to customers
  • Manage customer-related financial transactions
  • Perform market and customer analyzes for business and business development
  • Provide personal offers based on the information Lövsta Stuteri has access to via customer registers
  • Legal basis, storage and thinning of personal data

By submitting information to us, you give your permission for Lövsta Stuteri to register and store information for the reason you provided it (eg to become a customer of Lövsta Stud station) and process the specified personal data for the specified purpose.

Fulfillment of agreements - those that, for example, are actually required to become a customer or supplier

Legal obligation - for example that we are obliged to provide information to the Swedish Tax Agency or take care of our accounting,

Consent - when you have explicitly stated that we may process your data and understand what it means,

Execution of a task of general interest - if we report a concern to the county administrative board's animal welfare officer.

If we link our purposes to the legal bases, it looks like this;

  • Customer service - Fulfillment of agreements as a legitimate interest.
  • Marketing and dissemination of information - Legitimate interest.
  • Administration - Legitimate interest, legal obligation, fulfillment of agreement and consent.
  • Our business at Lövsta Stuteri - Consent, legal obligation, legitimate interest.
  • Reports of concern - Execution of a task of general interest.

If we use legitimate interest as a basis, it will only be done for the purposes stated above. Please note that you can revoke a given consent at any time by contacting us, for the contact information see the heading "How to contact us". A recall of your personal information may affect whether we can offer our services within the business to you.

The processing takes place in accordance with current legislation and means that personal data is not retained for a longer period than is necessary with regard to the purposes of the processing. We have internal routines to ensure this. Lövsta Stuteri will store your personal information as long as you have a relationship with us, such as a customer and a time later depending on the purpose. For marketing purposes, the information that is older than three years is not used. In practical terms, this means that information is thinned out as it is no longer relevant or necessary when required by other legislation, such as the Accounting Act. However, high security and confidentiality are always observed in all handling of personal data.

Your rights and choices Icons/plus Icons/minus

You have rights regarding your personal data and you have the opportunity to influence your information and what is saved. Lövsta Stuteri will, on its own or your own initiative, correct information that is discovered to be incorrect. You can also request that your information be deleted at any time by contacting us, see contact information below.

You can obtain information about which personal data is registered, by requesting a so-called register extract from Lövsta Stuteri in writing or digitally. The information is generally free of charge. It is also possible to obtain a copy of the information as long as it does not adversely affect the rights or freedoms of others.

Via this privacy policy, we have specified for what purposes we wish to process your personal data. If your personal data may at any time be processed for any other purpose than stated above, we will provide special information about this.

Contact us Icons/plus Icons/minus

For further information about personal data management or if you have questions, you are welcome to contact our data protection officer at:

Lövsta Stuteri AB E-mail address:

194 91 Upplands Väsby

This privacy policy applies from 2018-05-01