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About stallion

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Borebackar Gård

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Eqivia AB


Evi Bengtsson



A brief story of

"A Holsteiner-premiered, exceptional son of I'm Special de Muze, with several 1.60 horses in the damline."

Semen availability
Fresh sperm

Only available in Sweden

Frozen sperm

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Fresh sperm

Booking fee 3500 SEK
Pregnancy fee 5500 SEK

VAT and transportation fee is additional costs. Price may be adjusted due to unforseen events.

Transport costs

Fresh sperm by car 950 SEK + VAT

Fresh sperm by air 1300 SEK + VAT

Frozen sperm by car 2700 SEK + VAT

Frozen sperm by air : contact us for exact price

For more information about transportation fees or if you arrive with your mare to Stjärnborg, read more here. If you inseminate at Flyinge, read more here.



"I'm Extra EB is approved in his German test with 8.8 in jumping and a total of 8.5. He is bred and trained by Stal Bengtsson in Itzehoe, Germany. I'm Extra EB has outstanding jumping ability and a great canter."

"He is rideable with three good basic gaits, which makes him interesting even for dressage and eventing breeders."



The mother Elika has competed in 1.45 show jumping with Rolf-Göran Bengtsson and is still an active competition horse. Grandmother Milka produced several 1.60 horses and approved stallions. Elika is, among other things, a full sister of Kuschel's Ulika and the approved stallion Culture II, both of which competed in 1.60-meter show jumping. Furthermore, I'm Extra's grandmother is none other than the extraordinary Exquis Walnut de Muze (1.60 showjumping).

"I'm Special de Muze needs no introduction. He performed exceptionally well and has several offspring competing at the 1.60 level, with even more knocking on the door.

I'm Extra EB is approved in SWB, Holstein, and Oldenburg."


  • I´m Extra EB free jumping

    I´m Extra EB free jumping

  • I´m Extra EB

  • I´M Extra EB stallion show

  • I´m Extra EB Stallion show