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About stallion

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Borebackar Gård

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Farhultslund och Johan Ifverson


Gerd Janssen



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Jumping talent with fantastic jumping ability and a convincing performance pedigree spanning generations!

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Fresh sperm

Booking fee 3500 SEK
Pregnancy fee 7000 SEK

VAT and transportation fee is additional costs. Price may be adjusted due to unforseen events.

Transport costs

Fresh sperm by car 950 SEK + VAT

Fresh sperm by air 1300 SEK + VAT

Frozen sperm by car 2700 SEK + VAT

Frozen sperm by air : contact us for exact price

For more information about transportation fees or if you arrive with your mare to Stjärnborg, read more here. If you inseminate at Flyinge, read more here.



Chou Blue was praised during the Swedish Stallion Performance test for his energetic gaits, with a large and high-quality gallop.

He was assessed to have great capacity, quick responsiveness, with a nice impulsion while being energetic and confident. The test riders found him fantastic, with scope, rideability, and good flying changes. Additionally, they both noted that he has a really good canter.

Chou Blue was 2nd at the SWB Stallion Trophy and got the second highest mark of all the 4 year old participating horses.



You can read more about the sire, Chacoon Blue, here.The dam, Ballerina J (premium awarded), has produced the approved stallion Carnegie. You can read more about the maternal grandfather, Balou du Rouet, here. The grandmother, Lordana J, has produced two state premium mares, Bella Brown and Quindano (both with placements in 1.35).

The great-grandmother, Landgraefin J, has produced La Melonga (1.60m show jumping), Qunoh (1.50m classes), Can Jump and Corlandos (both at 1.45m classes), Cassiopeja (1.40m), and Sixteen (1.35m). She has also produced La Corazon (approved stallion in the USA) and daughters that have produced horses competing at the highest level in show jumping.

Chou Blue is an approved stallion in SWB.


  • Chou Blue Swedish Stallion Preformance test 2023

  • Chou Blue Jumping

  • Chou Blue Jumping

  • Chou Blue Stallion Show 2023 at Borebackar Gård