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Antonia & Lövsta

Lövsta Stuteri has developed Swedish and international equestrian sports since 2000, but the story takes us much further back.

Antonia Ax:son Johnson and Tinne Vilhelmson Silfvén with the horse Lombard V. Photo: Roland Thunholm

For more than 150 years, past generations love for horses has been a joy and driving force.

Our vision is to improve Swedish equestrian sports by training high quality horses in dressage and jumping, as well as support the development of young promising riders. Through the breeding work at the stud farm, with the international top stallions and a world-class insemination hall, we help create the stars of tomorrow. The stud farm has since the full-scale venture in 2011 grown to become one of the leading in Sweden with a mixture of international and national customers. The stallions are carefully selected based on a combination of performance characteristics, temperament and rideability.

Lövsta Stuteri also strive to be an international role model for horsemanship and environmental work in the horse industry. Our actions are characterized by humility and professionalism.

Lövsta Stuteri is the result of mutual respect and love for the horse, admiration of its achievements and the magic that arises during the encounter between horse and rider. We believe that horses makes us better people and live by this conviction every day.

With a desire to share the passion for horses,

Antonia Ax:son Johnson