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About Lövsta - Flyinge

In April 2022, we will open up the gates to Lövsta Stuteri's new stud station at Flyinge Kungsgård in close collaboration with Flyinge AB. With this establishment, Lövsta Stuteri och Flyinge AB aims to contribute to support breeding and equestrian sports in the southern parts of Sweden.

Lövsta Stuteri's vision is to develop Swedish and international equestrian sport by bringing quality horses to Sweden. From April 2022, we offer a wide range of top class stallions at our new stud and service station at Riksanläggningen Flyinge.

As a mare owner, you can come to Lövsta Stuteris stud station at Flyinge if you want to cover your mare. Both stallions stationed at Lövsta - Stjärnborg Both stallions from other parts of Sweden and Europe are used to gain access to the entire international market.

Just like at Stjärnborgs gård in Upplands Väsby, we will offer all our stallions in the program as well as insemination and examinations of your mare. Some of Lövsta's stallions are stationed and are being collected at our other branch in Skåne - Borebackar Gård. Borebackar Gård is a state-of-the-art training facility where some of Lövsta's top stallions are in training. The farm is run by Alexandra Mörner and her husband Niko Röhlcke. It is possible to come and watch when the stallions are trained in their home environment, contact them and they will tell you more.

- "Through the breeding work at Lövsta Stuteri-Stjärnborg and now also Lövsta Stuteri-Flyinge, we will offer a wide stallion program and high quality service with the breeder and mare in the center. Some of our stallions are also on site via Borebackar Gård." - says Malin Cohlin, station manager at Lövsta Stuteri.

In addition to the stud station, the collaboration means that Lövsta and Flyinge will be able to contribute to the various educational programs at Flyinge.