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Lövsta - Stjärnborg

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Gestüt Lewitz



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Winner of Swedish stallion test in dressage 2020 – highly rideable with a good temperament.

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Fortnite won the Swedish stallion test in dressage 2020.

He was judged to have a high self-carriage and well-proportioned exterior, with a ground covering, flexible, relaxed, elastic walk with good energy and push-off. A rhythmic, ground covering, flexible and shoulder-free trot. The canter was awarded 9 points for being flexible, rhythmic, elastic and self-carriage. The test riders emphasized his good work attitude and rideability.



The first year of foals looks promising. The foals are charismatic with a exellent typ and good movements.



The sire For Romance I is one of Germany`s most promising young dressage stallions. At the premier in Vetchta 2011 For Romance I became the uncontended victory stallion and was sold in the subsequent auction to DLZ Lodbergen for 750,000 Euros. He was rewarded with among other things 9.25 for the trot, and 9.0 for the gallop during his 30-day test. As a five-year-old, For Romance I qualified for the Budeschampionat already at his first start, achieving 9.5 for the trot. He was competed by Therese Nilshagen sparingly over the years, but truly delivered with achievements including winning the Nürnberger Burgpokal qualifier and in 2017 either won or was placed in all his elite level classes.

The dam Donna Salina has produced an offspring which competes in Msv dressage. She has two approved stallions (Mecklenburg and Oldenburg). The grand dams dam All Day Long has produced offspring who compete both in 130 level jumping and Grand Prix dressage. All Day long has also produced Lord Dancer, an approved stallion that competes at 160 jumping level, and Sandro B, an approved stallion in AES.

The grand sire Blue Hors Don Schufro requires no further presentation! Being a true legend as a successful competition and breeding horse, with a team bronze in the 2008 Olympics. In the third generation is Sandro Hit who has convincingly passed on his dressage talent through the generations. He was himself a national champion and won the young horse World Cup for 6-year-olds. He has countless offspring competing at the elite dressage level, a large number of which have started in World Cp finals, Olympics and championships.

Fortnite is an approved stallion in SWB and Oldenberg.