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Quick, good-looking, sporty, with blood that everyone in the top sport talks about. Dom Perignon is a modern stallion with all the qualities I am looking for in a stallion I want to ride!

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Booking fee 3500 SEK
Pregnancy fee 7500 SEK

VAT and transportation fee is additional costs. Price may be adjusted due to unforeseen events.

For more information about transportation fees or if you arrive with your mare to Stjärnborg, read more here. If you inseminate at Flyinge, read more here.

WFFS: Not a carrier of genetic condition.



Dom Perignon was awarded during the Swedish Stallion Preformance Test with 9 points for type with praise for amongst other things his noble and well-proportioned look with a small expressive head. He was judged to have an energetic and agile walk and progressive, ground-breaking trot.

During the young horse test, he was judged to have good capacity and balance, a positive jumping attitude, and a spectacular jumping technique. Furthermore, he was considered to have a quick reaction ability, to be attentive, fearless and energetic. Dom Perignon was praised for his very good attitude, willingness and rideability. He was also judged to be obstacle-wise and concentrated on his task. For temperament and developability, he received a grade of 9.0. During the test ride Dom Perignon was described as a stallion with a good gallop that was easy to collect and well balanced. He has good push-off from the ground, is careful, and has a lot of scoop.

Dom Perignon was already described during his working test in Belgium as a well-developed stallion and a very good sports model. In terms of gait, his agility and power were emphasized in the stride and above all the canter was distinguished by its power and broad register. In the free jump he showed very good jumping technique with a quick leg reaction and good power. The test riders emphasized his light, adjustable gallop and his jumping quality. Dom Perignon jumps with very good jumping technique, he jumps through the back and uses his body well throughout the jump.



His first foals are well-developed with a canter that has several gears.



The sire Dominator 2000 Z is one of the hottest young and upcoming show jumping stars. With Christian Ahlmann in the saddle he has demonstrated that he belongs in the international top sport. At just nine years old he won his first international Grand Prix. Dominator Z combines the best French bloodlines with genuine jumping blood from Holstein. Neither Diamant de Semilly nor Capitol I son Cassini need any further presentation. His offspring are successful in all contexts. Dominator Z already has a number of approved sons, many of the offspring have won free jumping competitions and foal assessments, and the foals bring in large amounts at auctions around Europe.

Grand sire Lucky Boy is a good representative of the Holstein line 7126, who also left Ramiro, Accord I and II, Cortino I and II, Rouletto, Calvados I and II, Lordanos to name a few. Lucky Boy has had a very successful career with Marcus Ehning in the saddle and has proven that he passes on his qualities to his offspring. Already in the first-year test at KWPN several sons went on to the second inspection. Among Lucky Boy's offspring are several successful competition horses. What they have in common is that they are a very good sport horse model, with elastic and adjustable gaits.

Dom Perignon is an approved stallion in SWB and BWP.


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