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Lövsta Future Challenge

Lövsta Future Challenge has become a renowned concept in the Swedish equestrian world, as the leading effort in supporting and growing the best young horses and U25 riders in both dressage and jumping.

Lövsta Future Challenge has been one of my career's most meaningful projects bringing together the joy and curiosity of youth with the striving for excellence and our commitment to sustainability – always with the well being of the horse as our focal point.- Antonia Ax:son Johnson

Since the start we have given both U25 riders and young horses the ultimate goals and conditions to develop their full potential as international top athletes. In cooperation with the country’s best show organizers we arrange a series of national shows with several qualifying competitions in different parts of Sweden and top scale finals in Gothenburg Horse Show and Sweden International Horse Show.

As we developed Lövsta Future Challenge it was evident that success builds not only on the horses and riders but also on the wonderful teams at their side, grooms, sponsors, trainers, breeders and horse owners. Over the years we have focused on the full team by inviting all into our plans and discussions, which has been very appreciated.

Other aspects we early on decided to focus on were the environment, sustainability and a deep respect for horses through our philosophy of horsemanship. We share our beliefs and commitment in various forums and seminars to which we invite riders and their trainers from both dressage and jumping. Lövsta Future Challenge is all about reaching for knowledge and perfection, the joy of partnership between the horse and rider and for leaving a footprint of sustainability in the equestrian sport.

On a few occasions Lövsta Future Challenge goes international. We invite the top FEI ranked U25 riders to competitions we arrange together with some of the world’s best equestrian events. These competitions offer the U25 riders to see, to learn and to be inspired by the best riders in both jumping and dressage.

In 2020 we took the Challenge to the US. With a common vision to highlighting the importance of providing young dressage horses with the best possible conditions to develop on their way to the highest levels of international sport; Lövsta Future Challenge, in collaboration with AGDF; is organizing a development tour for young Grand Prix horses. Our hope is that this initiative will give riders the opportunity to gain valuable experience on their quest to become the stars of tomorrow.

Emelie Broman Tegelberg & Kristina Berggren Fur,
Project Managers Lövsta Future Challenge,

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