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Questions & Answers

Do you have questions about Lövsta Stuteri-Flyinge? We are answering the most common ones here.

Lövsta Stuteris is taking over the Stud station at Flyinge, what does that mean? Icons/plus Icons/minus

In April 2022, Lövsta Stuteri establishes a new stud station at Flyinge Kungsgård in a new unique collaboration with Flyinge AB.

We will offer all mare owners the opportunity to inseminate their mares at Lövsta Stuteris stud station at Flyinge.

We are happy to get closer to our customers in the south and we will offer a wide range of top stallions, seminars and five star service to all mares.

When does the stud station open and what services will you offer? Icons/plus Icons/minus

We are happy to announce that on April 4, we welcome customers and mares to Lövsta Stuteri - Flyinge's stud station.

Just like at Stjärnborg in Upplands Väsby, we will offer all our stallions in the program as well as insemination and examinations of your mare. Some of Lövsta's stallions are standing stud and being collected at Borebackar Gård. It is possible to come and watch when the stallions are trained in their home environment, contact them and they will tell you more.

It will also be possible to inseminate with frozen semen.

What do I do if I want to bring my mare to Lövsta Stuteri - Flyinge? Icons/plus Icons/minus

You register your mare at or contact us by email; or phone; 0760- 12 11 12

Feel free to sign up for our breeding advice consultation in the spring, and we will help with your stallion selection.

Veterinary examinations take place in the morning on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays during the breeding season. Call or email before and you will find out what time it is appropriate for your mare to arrive. The time depend on the choice of stallions because the stallions' order times vary.

The optimal is to bring the mare as she is just about to enter a rut.

Contact us if you do not see the rut on your mare and we will agree on when it is appropriate to book her for a first examination.

What do I need to do before I go with my mare to the semen station? Icons/plus Icons/minus

As the mare owner, you must make sure to do a health check on the mare, the mare must be clinically healthy and there should be no suspicion of infection in other horses in the stable. Remember to start temping the mare and the other horses in the stable daily well in advance of the planned arrival at the stud station.

The mare must be thoroughly vaccinated and then vaccinated annually against equine influenza and according to the recommendation against tetanus.

It is possible to bring the mare to the stud station even if you are still considering the choice of stallion, but it is good if you have some possible alternatives.

It is possible to register for Språngrulla even if you have not chosen a stallion yet. Fill in information about the mare and choose the stud station, the stallion selection can be supplemented with later.

For Språngrulla, a seasonal fee is also paid to SWB to cover the mare. It is paid in connection with registration for breeding and is refunded if the mare for some reason is never covered.

Which stallion should I choose for my mare? Icons/plus Icons/minus

It is important to consult with a knowledgeable person. An advice is to visit stallion shows to see the stallion in real life. It is possible to bring the mare to the stud station even if you are still considering the choice of stallion, but it is good if you have some possible alternatives.

We offer a wide range of top stallions in both jumping and dressage, you can read more about the stallions in our program here.

In the choice of stallion, you also need to take into account the stallion's fertility and the type of semen that is available. In general, the results are best with fresh semen. Many stallions also work well with transported semen. Frozen semen should only be selected for mares with good fertility and good conditions.

If you need help choosing a stallion or have any questions about the stallions in our program, we offer free breeding advice via email and phone. Contact us and we will help you.

Will you be able to see Lövsta Stuteris stallions during a stallion show at Flyinge in the spring? Icons/plus Icons/minus

We plan to show our top stallions at Stjärnborg on April 17 and also at Flyinge's stallion show on April 1st. More information to follow.

Will you offer frozen semin? Icons/plus Icons/minus

Yes ,and we will prepare it on site. Here you can see which stallions in the program we offer frozen.

Will it be possible to stable ones mare at Flyinge? Icons/plus Icons/minus

It will be possible to leave your mare for a shorter period, and bete? will also be offered to a limited number.

If I have more questions, who do I turn to? Icons/plus Icons/minus

You are welcome to contact station manager Malin Cohlin at; Tel: +46 760- 12 11 12 or e-mail: