Malin Baryard Johnsson and El Barone 111 wants to contribute to horse welfare through ReGive. Through the project ReGive the combination will donate 10% of all their prize money towards improving the lives of working equines in vulnerable enviroments.

El Barone 111 and Malin Baryard Johnsson in Oliva, Spain. Photo: Clicphoto

ReGive is initiated by Lövsta Stud as well as El Barones rider, Malin Baryard Johnsson and aims to contribute to organisations that focus on horses health and well being. 2021 the money goes to Brooke - an organisation that annually helps 1,5 millions equine animals in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East to a better life.

Our horses do everything for us, but not everyone has the possibilities to do the same for their horses. Through ReGive, we can help to improve the lives of the brave, strong horses and their owners in vulnerable parts of the world. It makes me proud and El Barone 111 and I will give everything in order to jump in as much money as we possibly can, says Malin Baryard Johnsson.

The vision of Lövsta Stud is to develop the equestrian sport both in Sweden as well as internationally and we see this as an opportunity to do something new. We always like to highlight good examples and this gives us the chance to do so, while also contributing to different organisations. We hope that this will inspire others to create similar projects or to contribute in other ways. Without our amazing friend, the horse, we would not have our sport, but a lot of people would lose their chance to provide.

Over many years, I have felt an increasing wonder and respect for the deep understanding between horse and rider which is the foundation for a collaboration beyond the ordinary. This has characterized my work at Lövsta Stud, as well as my involvement in projects in different parts of the world. One such is Brooke, which supports and increases peoples knowledge and needs of the working horses, mules and donkeys and thus gives them a better life. Through ReGive a fantastic rider and a fantastic horse will contribute to Brooke's work to provide better protection for vulnerable animals and people , says Antonia Ax:son Johnson - owner of Lövsta Stud.

    During 2021 we have chosen to support the following projects within Brooke;

    Brooke’s Global Farriery Strategy

    Brooke has launched the Global Farriery Project in order to raise the profile of farriery as a trade, to encourage development of professional standards, and as a result to improve hoof health for millions of animals and support sustainable livelihoods for millions of families.

    Compassionate Handling

    This is a new global project to ensure that working animals receive better handling and, as a result, experience improved welfare in the long term. Handling describes how humans work with, respond to, and interact with animals within their surroundings and can have a profound effect on the long term wellbeing of an animal. Suffering as a result of poor handling can occur daily and cause mental and physical damage to an animal; whereas good handling and positive human-animal interactions contribute positively to the welfare of both animals and humans.

    Read more about Brooke:

    Brooke | Action for Working Horses and Donkeys (

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