”It is not about disabilities. It is about abilities!”

11 mars 2019

Antonia Ax:son Johnson har sedan flera år stöttat Vinceremos, ett terapeutiskt ridcenter i Florida. Under de månader av året då Tinne Vilhemson Silfvén och delar av team Lövsta är på plats i Wellington för att träna och tävla är besöken på Vinceremos många. Att få kliva in på centret och bevittna betydelsen av samspelet mellan unga utsatta människor, hästarna, terapeuterna och volontärerna är överväldigande. Vi fortsätter vår tro på att hästen gör skillnad i människors liv och att hästen gör oss till bättre människor. Och vi fortsätter oförtrutet vårt engagemang inom social hållbarhet. Här nedan berättar Vinceremos själva om verksamheten och Antonias engagemang.

How it all started

Our relationship with Antonia Ax:son Johnson, the founder of Lövsta Stuteri, started a few years ago and from that very first day we are so happy about her commitment in supporting equine assisted activities for people in our community who have been abused, neglected and overlooked.

Antonia first became involved in sharing the benefits of equine assisted activities and therapies (EAAT) in Stockholm working with victims of human trafficking. Her interest and ability to be an influence for change using horses continued to grow through an introduction to Vinceremos Therapeutic Riding Center in Florida.  Vinceremos has been offering equine activities including therapeutic horseback riding, hippotherapy, equine assisted learning and psychotherapy to individuals with physical, cognitive and emotional disabilities for 37 years. Antonias love of innovation and thinking outside the box combined with Vinceremos’ enthusiasm for new challenges gave the partnership a firm foundation to explore the benefits of EAAT for those who had suffered the traumas of human trafficking and abuse.

Over the years we have been so fortunate to share horses and equine activities with those who would never have had that opportunity thanks to people like Antonia.”– Ruth Menor, Founder of Vinceremos

Antonias financial support and wisdom, in cooperation with Vinceremos’ expertise in the field, has influenced the lives of many individuals who have been labeled “at risk,” and have experienced emotional trauma in their lives. These participants may have been rescued from trafficking, been neglected or abused sexually, or be at risk for any one or all of these reasons.

Trust matters

The EAAT programs at Vinceremos uses horse/ human interactions to build communication, life and problem solving skills. The first hurdle is to find the courage and determination to overcome their fears in building a relationship with a 1200 lb horse. This will take a great deal of trust on both their parts. That trust will help to build good communication skills and lead to strong bonds and relationships. The pair working together try to accomplish various challenges and obstacles representing that together they can accomplish anything. The ability to communicate effectively will be a valuable asset and imperative to achieve success and independence.

”Horses help people to see the potential in everyone, regardless of their background or their disabilities. They are open to all possibilities!” – Susan Guinan, COO at Vinceremos

Communicating with your horse requires precise and clear interactions to avoid misinterpretation, this will serve them well going forward in life. Vulnerability is the central characteristic that these victims have in common, this makes them susceptible to outside influences and control. Learning from the horse how to set boundaries will help them avoid these circumstances. They are learning to make better choices and trust again, the horse is teaching them these life skills.

The importance of having a purpose

The possibilities are endless for these individuals. When their horse teaches them to be strong and confident, to set clear boundaries, their life can take a new path. Often they find that the barn or the farm is their place to go for comfort and safety. They learn that their newly acquired equestrian skills are tools that they can use to help themselves and to help others. There is nothing more empowering than having a purpose. Antonias support gives these people purpose!

It is thanks to Antonias trust in horses, human nature and her vision that helping just one to find the confidence to change will make the world a better place!

This video gives you a glimpse of the happiness that appears in the communication between people and horses in the everyday life at Vinceremos.

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