Second place in the World Cup Freestyle for Tinne and Paridon Magi

28 January 2017


Tinne Vilhemson Silfvén and Paridon Magi was placed second in the Freestyle of the first World Cup qualifier for the season in Wellington, Florida. They scored 77.517% and were only beaten by Laura Graves and Verdades.
– I’m super happy with Magi, he has done some really fine tests this weekend, she said afterwards.

It was the first competition for Tinne this season in Florida and it started out with the Grand Prix on Thursday, where she rode both Paridon Magi and the stallion Benetton Dream FRH. She and Paridon Magi was second in the Grand Prix and scored a new personal best. Benetton Dream was unfortunately disqualified after his test, due to a small amount of blood in one of the nostrils.

– I’m still happy we got to finish our test and get our scores. Benetton felt really nice to ride and positive. It’s his first show since June last year and I do think hes has had a fantastic development. He has matured and is very ready for the job. He needs to get out and compete again, says Tinne.

Benetton Dream was supposed to start in the Grand Prix Special, but he and Tinne are looking forward to the next show in two weeks instead.
Tinne and Paridon Magi are really hitting it of as a team and after the Grand Prix this Thursday Tinne was super happy, both for the scores (75.080%) which are their personal best, and for the nice feel in the ring.
– I’ve never had such a great feeling with him as in the Grand Prix, and we didn’t do any big mistakes. He did super well in the Freestyle as well, although we got of timing with the music. That was entirely my fault and I had to try to catch up in the trot and when you have to do that it can be hard to get that extra quality. The canter part was spotless, though, says Tinne.

She won’t be going for the World Cup Finals this year. The big goal will be the European Championships in Gothenburg later this summer.

Photo: Kenneth Braddick,

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