The Nordic Championships are finished – and Caroline Parcourt and Paridon Magi took the 5th place. 71,675 procent was the score in the free style where the individual results were settled.
– It was great to have a placing today, too. He felt better today than earlier in this competition, he was more with me, says Caroline. Det var jättekul att få en placering i dag igen.

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They came very close to their old record in freestyle this weekend, Tinne Vilhelmson Silfvén and Don Auriello. The numbers read 84,15 when the couple had finished their ride in World Dressage Masters in Munich, as compared to 84,70 in the record ride in 2012.
The day before they won the Grand Prix with 79,46 percent.
For the first time in Tinne and “Anton´s” history the judges gave tens for the piaff.
– I am very happy with the ride, the Grand Prix on Friday was the best i ever rode, Tinne says.

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He is not only a dream to ride, but also a real dream daddy. Out of the mares that Benetton Dream FRH has covered during the season, and that have been checked, 100 percent are in foal.
– He is very popular, says Florian Darcourt, stallion manager at Lövsta Stud Station.

Photo: Susan J Stickle

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Tinne Vilhelmson Silfvén and Divertimento won again in Wellington, Florida. This time a Grand Prix Special, with a score pf 74,882 percent.
– He was more tense today, but still behaving well and being good, Tinne says.

It was easier to ride the 12-year old Divertimento during Thursday´s competition than on Saturday.
– But I could still ride him and he still let me ride him. He trusted me and got relaxed during the test. Educationally, I’m very happy, Tinne says.
When it comes to Divertimentos education, Tinne is satisfied.
– He is getting better and better. He is in a good mood and in a good feeling right now, so I’m going to try to keep him soft and happy in that way.

American riders finished second and third, with Adrienne Lyle and Wizard placing second with their score of 70.549 percent and Katherine Bateson Chandler earning the third place with Wellnetta. The pair’s final score was 69.686 percent.

Foto: Ken Braddick/

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Photo by Ken Braddick/

 First, they won the Grand Prix in rain and hard winds. Then they took first prize in the freestyle. Tinnes Florida-session started of well.

Tinne Vilhelmson Silfvén says the music was helpful when Don Auriello (”Anton”) found the croud, 1 400 people, a bit too much.
– We really were together in the music. Everything clicked today. In the Grand Prix-class yesterday it was rain and windy weather, but Anton was focused and concentrated. I had a really good feeling as a rider.

In the FEI Grand Prix Freestyle Tinne received 81,575 percent, ahead of Danish Lars Petersen with 77,625. Mikaela Munter Gundersen, also from Denmark, caught third place with 75,5. All five judges marked over 80 percent for the Swedish rider.

In the  Grand Prix Tinne scored 77,9, Lars Petersen 73,9 and Mikaela Munter Gundersen 70.010.

Anton can look forward to a couple of calm weeks before time has come to compete again.
– The planning is simple for Anton, he is in one more competiton over here, in late February-early March.

Divertimento has a competition coming up in two weeks.

– After that we will have to see, it has been a long time

since he competed and we will see how we plan for him.

Three weeks after landing in Florida Tinne has started her fourth season there. She and Anton are fifth om the FEI world ranking and the first place in the ranking of the World Cup Series, the Western European branch. She now has 74 world cup points, whereas number two, Hans Peter Minderhoud from Holland has 38 points.

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