Significant environmental aspects

Foto: Mia Törnberg
Lövsta Stuteri 20130701

In our environmental work, we have identified some areas where we make the most impact. Significant environmental aspects can be both negative and positive.

Energy is used to heat buildings, water, lights and so on. We also count fuel for tractors and garden machines as energy. In order to save energy, we have installed thermal heating in our facilities. We have water saving nozzles on all our faucets and have gradually replaced all the light bulbs for LEDs. Where it is useful, we have installed timers on lights and for fire safety reasons, we have timers on all the outlets in our kitchen. We run several machines on environmental diesel and work to create a machine park that is 80% fossil independent by 2020.

As we conduct training, competition and breeding activities at international top levels, we can not totally avoid transportation. The horses travel to competitions in a truck and sometimes with air travel. We also send and receive a lot of merchandise. As far as the horses are concerned, we try to collaborate with other competitors, especially when travel is international. We consolidate our air travel each year and when we buy, we try to coordinate between the farms so that we can buy larger quantities each time. We also demand our suppliers to streamline transport.

Another significant environmental aspect is the manure that comes from the horses. Today, all our manure is laid on a location where it can burn until done. Then it is used as a soil improvement on the fields around our farms. We mock our padocks every day to reduce nutrient leakage and with the help of Hushållssällskapet we have brought a manure vacuum cleaner to Stjärnborg farm for mocking the big pastures. We will also created a phosphorus trap in Stjärnborg to improve the aquatic environment in our immediate area.

With our location near to Arlanda Airport, noise has a significant environmental impact. There is a lot of research showing that a continuously high noise level can create health problems, for both animals and humans. The noise from Arlanda is difficult for us to influence, but we have ongoing contact with Swedavia, who runs the airport.
We are also working to reduce noise from the machines used on the farms, including replacing old petrol-powered machines with newer electric powered ones, which also work quieter.

Inspiration and knowledge dissemination
We also have a significantly possitive environmental aspect and it is our work to inspire and spread knowledge to others, especially in the horse industry. Partly because we try to be role models, partly through the various projects we do and through the Lövsta Future Challenge. For example, we work with our organizers to make their competitions increasingly environmentally friendly and sustainable. Together with GotEvent, the Swedish Riding Association and the Natural Step, we have produced the mini-report; Horse and Sustainable Development, with facts about the horse industry’s impact and possible ways towards more sustainable nutrition. Since 2016, we have distributed Lövsta Future Challenge’s sustainability award to an organization or company that promotes increased sustainabillity in the horse industry.