Practical sustainability

Our ISO 14001 certification makes us constantly work to improve our environmental performance. Every year, we update our environmental goals, both long and short term.

Overall goals:
Our overall goal is to be an international example of how to engage in horse activities in the most sustainable way.

So far, we have met the following environmental goals:
We climate compensate our air travel in cooperation with
Our stallion catalog contains information about our environmental work every year to inspire and share knowledge.
Together with the company that manages our forests, we have developed an action plan to protect and develop biodiversity in our fields.
We demand our suppliers to have active environmental work and, as far as possible, try to coordinate transport to and from the farms.
Together with GotEvent, the Swedish Equestrian Federation and Det naturliga steget (The Natural Step), in the Lövsta Future Challenge project, we made the report; The Horse as caretaker of our planet. It was presented at a seminar in association with the Horse Company Forum at EuroHorse 2016.
We gradually replace our machine park with electric machines and vehicles wherever possible. This to reduce both fuel consumption and noise.
We are constantly working on recycling of our waste and among other things make sure that our horseshoes are recycled in Sweden and not shipped abroad.
We have installed climate-friendly thermal heating at our plants and have greatly reduced energy consumption.
We are gradually changing our lights on the farms to energy-efficient LED lighting