Lövsta Stuteri’s Sustainable Development Policy

Lövsta Farm in Eds parish, Upplands Väsby, has a long history as a house, a manor and a farm. The location and buildings are mentioned in the writings as early as the 16th century. This historical perspective commits us to the care and consideration of the nature, the farmed land, the water and the vegetation.

The modern Lövsta runs an extensive dressage, jumping and breeding operation. A horticulture with fruit trees, flowers, vegetables, parks as well as the care of buildings dating back to the 1600’s to modern day structures. More than 20-25 residents live here year around. Nearly 30 people, including seasonal workers, have their daily workplace on the farm.

Conducting a systematic work for sustainable development over time is a matter of course for us at Lövsta. To achieve this, we have developed a policy and plan for sustainable development. We are building our Sustainable Development Action Plan around the 5 E’s.

1. Ecology

We continuously comply with legal requirements step by step over time reducing our negative environmental impact on land, vegetation, air and water. We care about biodiversity. Since 2011, Lövsta Stuteri is ISO certified according to 14001.

2. Economics

In Lövsta’s business we will always have an economic approach. Our main focus towards sustainable development is saving and reducing the use of finite resources. We work simple rather than complicated and our everyday work is the focus. We question prices and seek alternatives.

3. Empathy

Empathy means that we feel and show respect for each other, for our animals and for nature. In order to achieve this, a conviction and commitment is required from all employees and habitants at Lovsta. We therefore work towards communication, education and long-term building of knowledge – for consensus and community.

4. Ethics

Understanding that nature’s resources are finite, that people’s actions and activities leave footprints, and that future generations have the right to hold us responsible, is for us an ethical approach. In our breeding farm and competition activities we place the horse at the center and respect its needs. We pursue controlled hunting. We try to choose sustainability as a way of life.

5. Aesthetics

At Lövsta, we believe that the beauty of the physical environment creates a long-term, sustainable development. We protect the classic and historical tradition of the site, while modernizing with good functionality and practical solutions. We renew shape, material, color and expression in buildings and facilities. The farm equipment is predominantly electrical.

* Peter Sylwan, P-O Ingmarsson, Kjell Peterson