Benetton Dream FRH 1301

Benetton Dream FRH is the sire to of one of Isabell Werth’s most talented young horses – DSP Belantis, a potential championship horse.
Benetton Dream won the Bundeschampionat as a three-year-old with 10.0 (walk), 9.5 (trot) and 9.5 (canter), Exterior 9.0 and the overall impression gave 9.5. He also won his 30-day test in Schlieckau 2007 (dressage 9.3 and a total of 8.52). 2014 Benetton Dream had a breeding index in Germany of 153 in dressage, with a success-rate of 91%.

In 2014, Benetton Dream competed Nationally up through Grand Prix seven times, all victories. The year ended winning the Lövsta Future Challenge for young horses during the Stockholm International Horse Show. In the first quarter of 2015 he started six Grand Prix in Wellington, four of which resulted in over 70% and two just below. Beginning of 2016 was spent in Wellington as well, where they were awarded with well over 70% in both the Grand Prix and Grand Prix Special. During the 2016 breeding season, Benetton Dream mixed the work of being a breeding stallion and a sports horse and in June he placed fourth at the CDI3 * in Rotterdam.

Many of the offspring in Germany have been highly rated both as fouls and young horses, several topping the auction prices. Benetton Dream is the sire to eight approved stallions, most known is DSP Belantis. He placed fourth in 2014 at the World Championships for young horses with 9.26 points and 2015 silver medalist with the final score of 9.5. DSP Belantis has been successfully competed by Isabelle Werth since 2016. During the German Masters in Stuttgart, “Masters Stallion” of the year is named, in 2017 DSP Belantis took the title. DSP Belantis has a number of successful offspring including several approved sons. A four-year-old offspring, Be my Hero, qualified in 2017 for the Bundeschampionat. One of his approved son’s won the Oldenburg licensing in 2017, he was later acquired by Lövsta Stuteri at the following auction.

One of Benetton Dream’s grandsons, Don Martillo won the World Championships for five-year-old dressage horses 2017. Atterupgaard Botticelli won the semi-final of the World Championship for young horses in dressage 2017 and then became second in the Danish Young Horse Championship with very high scores for gaits and ride-ability.

Brentano II is one of the top ten progenitors of dressage horses and together with Rubinstein and Donnerhall, warrants for high ride-ability, type and good gaits. The dam line has been prestigious for generations. The dam Rotkäppchen is registered Hanovarian. Grand-dam Dornröschen has left an offspring with placements through Intermediaire II. Great-grand-dam Sangrita has left an approved son.

Benetton Dream is approved in SWB, Hannover, Oldenburg, Westfahlen, Rhineland and South German federations.
The horses who carry “FRH” as a prefix or suffix to their name is a very special group of horses. They are judged by “The Association for the Promotion of Hanoverian Horse in Equestrian Sport” (Hannover Society) as exceptionally talented for breeding and sports.