Antonia’s previous horses

Rocks are located underneath the centuries-old maple tree. In the winter, slightly snow-covered and in the summer surrounded by flowers. Names are engraved on the stones; Cairo, Dover, Cosmo … But also Lisa, Rocky, Skyndan and Flingan. The stones symbolize the animals that have been my close friends, dogs and horses, which I remember very much as companions, leaders, challengers and consolers. We have lived together and enhanced each other’s lives. Here are a few words about the horses that are very special to me..


Marduk - Colombian Friend xx *1991 |

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Weltman 975

Weltruhm - Ecuador xx *1995 |

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Chopstick - Locarno *1990 |

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Contender - Sabatini xx *1996 |

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Napoleon - Strauss *1993 |

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Blue Hors Romancier - Aleksander *1997 |

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