About Lövsta

In January 2000, Lövsta Stuteri was founded in its current state, but the story goes much further back…

Almost 150 years ago, my great grandfather, Axel Johnson, founded our family business. The company has been transformed several times over time, up to its present form. In parallel there has been another, unaltered dimension in the family – the love of horses. From Axel Johnson’s faithful carriage horses, Bessemer and Martin, to later generation’s riding horses, such as the mare Sibylla and the ponies Hans and Greta, who carried their riders through Bergslagsforests, Lill Jansskogen as well as at the Royal, Djurgården. The passion for horses continues throughout the generations. Today, my grandchild Stella is a successful Young Rider in jumping.

Lövsta Stuteri’s vision is to work for development of Swedish and International equestrian sports, through training and competition of horses of the highest quality in dressage and jumping, as well as training young promising riders. We are also going to supply Sweden with quality horses through our breeding work at Lövsta Seminstation with some of the best stallions in the world and with special focus on service to mare owners.
In addition, we will be an international rolemodel for environmental work and sportsmanship in the horse industry. Our actions will be characterized by loyalty, humility and excellence.

Since the beginning, we have trained many horses at Lövsta, with Tinne as education manager. Tinne has ridden seven Olympic Games, five World Equestrian Games, ten European Championships and seven World Cup finals. Several of our riders and horses are now in the Swedish elite.
Today we also have several nice stallions of our own that both compete and work in the breedfarm. Benetton Dream, Sankt Erik II and Van Vivaldi have already proven their excellence in the dressage ring and Karmel van de Watering and Cayenne de Clarence are young super prospects on the hopping side. Heartbeat is Sweden’s most successful breeding stallion in jumping with countless offsprings who compete internationally.

Lövsta Seminstation has developed very rapidly since the full-scale venture in 2011. Today we offer a wide range of international top stallions for both jumping and dressage. We have managed to achieve a leading market position in a short period of time, especially through our service to mare owners. Which we find very satisfying!

In our effort to improve the Equestrian Sport in Sweden we, since 2005, also include the media business Hippson, which has the magazine Hippson and the website www.hippson.se. Hippson’s stated mission is to convey knowledge and inspiration to riders. You are welcome to visit the site!
Lövsta Future Challenge is a big investment on young talents in both jumping and dressage, both two-and four-legged, to get more Swedish riders and horses at the Grand Prix level. We started with the dressage six years ago and since then, the development has had a tremendous growth. Today we have more Swedish Grand Prix riders than ever competing in dressage. In the jumping we now see the first Lövsta Future Challenge riders grow and do well internationally and a pair of the horses have been exported abroad, where they also climb in the rankings.

Our business is characterized by five E’s. Ecology, Empathy, Economics, aesthetics ( Estetisk in Swedish) and Ethics. We therefore chose to certify Lövsta Stuteri in 2011 as the world’s first combined competition and breeding business. The work continues assiduously with new initiatives that are beginning to pay off.

To work with the horses at the center, with the magical moments when riders and horses meet as a driving force and with the joy of everyday life is a blessing. Welcome!

Antonia Ax: son Johnson