Terms and conditions



The mare owner must inform themselves about the conditions that apply to each stallion.

The semen should be ordered via our ordering form on the website which can be found on each stallion’s page or via email florian@lovstastuteri.com

The stallions are available to order between March 1 and August 30. Lövsta Seminstation starts accepting mares April 15 and closes for the season August 30. Some stallions finish their season earlier, read under the respective stallion at www.språngrulla.se. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Order of semen from abroad: no later than 9.00 am CET. Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Order of semen from stallions stationed in Sweden takes place on Monday no later than 11.00 am CET, Wednesday no later than 11:00 am CET, Friday no later than 09:00 am CET.

The ordering of semen from stallions stationed outside of Sweden (except Denmark) takes place regular weekdays, Monday – Thursday before 9.00 am CET. The ordering of semen from stallions stationed in Denmark takes place on weekdays 10:00 am CET, Fridays 9:00 am CET.

The ordered semen may only be used for the stated mare.

If for some reason a stallion would not be available during the breeding season, due to illness, competition or such, we try to offer frozen semen. Alternatively, the owner /customer can choose another stallion from the same stud. Note that the prices may differ between fresh and frozen semen from the same stallion. See our price list.

In cases where two embryos are flushed out at ET, different conditions apply for each stud. It is up to the customer to inform themselves about cost with several embryos. A special ET contract is drawn up between the client and Lövsta Seminstation. For Lövsta stallions and stallions stationed at Lövsta Seminstation, two 90-day fees apply to two embryos.

The registration documents are not made available to mare owner until the fees for the stallion are paid.

Lövsta Seminstation cannot always guarantee the availability of some popular stallions. However, priority is always given to mares who already started the process. The stallion owners also have the right to prioritize mares that are inseminated at their own facility or their own home country.

If for some reason a stallion would not be available during the breeding season, due to illness, competition or similar, Lövsta Seminstation tries to offer access to frozen semen instead. Alternatively, another stallion can be selected from the program from the same stud. In such a case, only the stallion fee is charged for the last used stallion. If you choose to change stallion within the program, but from another stud, fees may apply.

For mares outside Sweden, the entire fee must be paid before the first insemination.

Any complaints must be made before the insemination. After insemination, the stud has the right to charge the fees that are current.

For Sweden: If the mare is not pregnant after 90 days, this must be communicated to Lövsta Seminstation no later than during the 90th day, counting from the first insemination in the last cycle, by notifying this via språngrulla. If the report comes in later, the owner is charged the gestation fee for 90 days. Lövsta Seminstation is not responsible for the failure to report on språngrulla from the receiving station. If the reporting is not filed or arrives late to Lövsta Seminstation, the 90-day fee will be charged.

For foreign countries, the full stud fee has to be paid up front before the first shipment. If the mare is not in foal, the full stud fee -300€ will be refund to the mare owner after reception of the veterinary certificate not later then October 1st  2019.

Discounts are only given at the stallion shows on designated forms or via e-mail to semin@lovstastuteri.com. It is not possible to combine several discounts for the same mare. It can be possible to change the stallion and still receive the discount that was acquired for another stallion, always contact semin@lovstastuteri.com to inquire about the possibility of a stallion change.

Regarding the so-called “stallion show discount”, the form must be filled out correctly with one stallion (only one choice) per mare, otherwise, the discount will not be given.

The client is responsible for ensuring that all information provided about the mare in question is correct.

Lövsta Seminstation has the right to refuse to send semen if correct information is missing.

Lövsta Seminstation is not responsible for any printing errors.



It is possible to get semen over the day from some of the stallions, depending on where in the country the receiving station is located. Shipping costs vary. Always ask for current prices. The cost of transportation is charged per delivery.

Shipping costs will also be added for mares at Lövsta Seminstation, for those stallions that are available through delivery.

Lövsta Seminstation cooperates with the following shipping companies; the Swedish Postal Service, Mats Hästtransport, Jetpack, Linklog and TNT. In case the customer chooses another shipping company, the customer is responsible for all the logistics.

Lövsta Seminstation is not responsible for any damages that may occur during shipping or handling. Lövsta Seminstation is not responsible for any delivery problems.

In cases where the shipment is lost, the client (the recipient of the semen) must inform Lövsta Seminstation the same day.



For private individuals, 10-day payment terms apply and for companies 30-days. Objections to the invoice must be made within 10 days of payment terms and for companies 30 days.

Questions regarding invoices should be sent to semin@lovstastuteri.com

An administration fee may be added to the invoice if needed, due to insufficient or incorrect information provided by the customer.

The fee must be paid after the order is made, regardless of whether the semen is used or not.

The cost of stallions stationed at Lövsta Seminstation is charged in SEK. International stallions are invoiced in Euro and DKR, directly from the stud.

A VAT will be added to all costs.



Keep in mind that the foreign breeding season is shorter than the Swedish.

The German and Danish breeding season ends 2019-08-09 and 2019-08-09 respectively. If your mare is not pregnant when the German season ends, we will try to offer frozen semen. Only shipping costs will be added.

Before the season, you must either register your mare through språngrulla or alternatively use the form that is available on our website www.lovstastuteri.com. Orders need to be received weekdays before 9 am CET Monday-Thursday. Orders from Danish stallions, weekdays before 10 am CET.

For your information; All international stud farms have their own conditions, which are the ones that apply to these stallions. A link is available at språngrulla in the listings for each stallion. Stallion fees are not refundable.



Frozen semen must be ordered with two to five days’ notice depending on the stallion choice. Lövsta Seminstation has many of the stallions in our collectiona in stock. In cases where FAI is not present at Lövsta Seminstation, a shipping charge will be added. If Lövsta’s semen containers are used, they must be sent back within 78 hours, otherwise, a fee of 100 SEK per day will be added.